School Council

Our School Council is open to all our children.
The aim of the School Council is to improve our school and to help our community.  
This year we have held our school council elections and each class now has two representatives that will attended school council meetings. Each class now has a suggestion box, so that all class members feel that they can contribute to the development of their school and each classroom also has a school council folder where all the minutes of each meeting have been included. This means that everyone can share ideas and support the development of our school and the wider community. So far we have met twice to discuss some fundraising ideas for the school. The children have come up with some great ideas for 'Wellbeing' and we have held a PJ day on the 24th January in order to raise money for HeadSpace which is a online programme that we can use in classes to promote meditation and mental health throughout the school.  
Playground Buddies can now be clearly seen in the playground as they have new hats to wear which have been kindly paid for by the PTA. 
School Council members have also been busy creating some beautiful poppies for Remembrance Sunday and these have been taken by Mrs Harley for The MKC Club.  
The school council also be carried out a 'Cake Sale' on Friday November 15th in support of Children In Need. 
Most recently our school has joined in with the Mayflower 400 celebrations and we are currently working on creating a Mayflower 400 compact, which is being run by the Plymouth Youth Parliament and the Official Mayflower Compact Project.