Remote Learning

At Chaddlewood we access our remote learning through Google Classroom. All the children have log in access and once in their year group classroom can participate in learning similar to that in the actual classroom. Lessons are delivered in a variety of ways including shared resources and live and recorded lessons. Children have direct and quick access to their teachers, who respond to and mark work, answer questions and meet up with the children through regular on line Google Meets. This approach enables our children to continue to make good progress with their learning with meaningful, relevant and fun activities which engage and enthuse. The curriculum on offer through remote learning is as broad as in school and so the children have PE activities, art tasks and other foundation subjects as part of their weekly timetable. They also have challenges which promote well being, a sense of togetherness and are just good fun and sometimes a bit silly!

Remote Communication Guidelines for Pupils: Updated November 2020

When accessing Google Meet with teachers and pupils:

  • Sit against a neutral background

  • Avoid recording in your bedroom where possible (if that's not possible, use a neutral background)

  • Dress in your day clothes so no pyjamas! If you turn up in your pyjamas you will be asked to turn your camera off.

  • Sit in a shared space like your lounge, not your bedroom.

  • Remember to be mindful that other children might see or hear you and anything in the background so think about what you want people to see.

  • Staff will always make recordings of Google Meets.



When a teacher or member of staff call home to talk to you:


  • They will call on your parents phone and not yours.

  • They will call during school hours.

  • You will need to have the phone on speaker phone so your parents can hear the call.