'A Chaddlewood geographer will have an understanding of themselves in relation to their locality and the world beyond and have the geographical skills, knowledge questioning ability and understanding to describe and explain the world around them and how it evolved.'

Geography Key Concepts


Intent: The School, Plympton and Plymouth are placed at the centre of our geography curriculum. The focus is on an understanding of where you live before moving outwards in concentric circles to the UK, Europe and then the world beyond. Key enquiry questions form the basis of geography modules and enable the meaningful context for geographical enquiry.

The NC content of skills and knowledge are progressively planned across all year groups and forms the basis for an ambitious curriculum that is planned to enable children to develop as geographers. 

We deliver this by ensuring  that knowledge is taught to be remembered, not merely encountered therefore we use retrieval practice to support this and ensure the essential ‘milestones’ of each subject are taught and embedded. Planning provides the opportunity to embed previous learning or ‘overlap of learning’. KWL grids are used to ascertain children’s prior knowledge and gaps in previous learning and is used as a mechanism to shape the planning for the module. These assessments are then feedback to previous year group teachers to inform and improve their planning effectiveness.

Knowledge organisers are also shared to allow prior understanding of the knowledge and vocabulary which will be taught in the module.

Assessments are made formatively using the KWL and retrieval grids and summatively with end of unit tests.