Eco Team

Rhino Team
So far, we have raised £40 to help endangered rhinos.  We would like every class to help us raise even more.  Look out for the collection jar coming to your class so that you can help collect money to save these wonderful creatures!
At Chaddlewood Primary School we do all that we can to make sure we are an
eco-friendly school. Mrs Leach leads our eco club where we explore different
projects that will have a positive impact on both wildlife and our environment.
We also share top tips for how to be eco-friendly both at home and at school.
Here are a few websites you might enjoy:
In school we always:
- Look after our school grounds
- Recycle, recycle, recycle!
- Switch lights off when we are not in the room
- Avoid using products such as glitter which can be harmful to the
Eco challenge!
During the winter, you can help our wildlife by making these amazing eco bird
Follow these links for the instructions. We would be so pleased to receive
photos of your bird feeders via email for us all to see!