Eco Team

Rhino Team
So far, we have raised £40 to help endangered rhinos.  We would like every class to help us raise even more.  Look out for the collection jar coming to your class so that you can help collect money to save these wonderful creatures!

Eco Team Report - February 2018

This year we have 3 different teams for the Eco-Team: waste, marine and rhino.  In 2015, we elected leaders and deputies for each team:

  • Eco Team Leader – Martha Rundle
  • Eco Team Deputy – Martha Davey
  • Marine Leader- Oliver Rutter
  • Marine Deputy- Maria Hallows
  • Rhino Leader- Libby Green
  • Rhino Deputy- Saffron Aubury
  • Waste Leader- Katie Morris
  • Waste Deputy- Callum Toms

Even though we have only just got started, the teams have already made a great start by organising cake sales, waste week, assemblies and more. This year, with a larger team we have achieved so much more in only one month!

Meeting Times for Teams

  • Marine- Wednesday Lunch time in 3AR
  • Rhino- Wednesday Lunchtime in 3BR
  • Waste- Friday Lunchtime in 4KS
  • Whole Eco Team – At least once per much

Martha Rundle – Eco Team Leader

Bird Cafe