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Chaddlewood Primary School

Chaddlewood Primary School

Physical Education

Pamela Pearce

PE Co-ordinator

'PE at Chaddlewood aims to give children a lifelong love of being physically active. We offer a range of extracurricular activities and encourage participation from all children. High quality PE lessons are delivered by teachers in partnership with the Plymouth Schools’ Sports Partnership and Eolas+. Opportunities to represent the school at a range of competitive and noncompetitive sporting events is essential to PE at Chaddlewood and is key to developing pride in being a Chaddlewood Child.'


Disciplinary Concepts


We believe that Physical Education is fundamental to our children’s development and learning. Not only does it engage and motivate children, but it is a great way for our children to develop life skills such as teamwork, determination, and respect. 

PE at Chaddlewood aims to foster a lifelong love of PE and physical activity. Children should leave Chaddlewood having experienced a wide range of sports and physical activities and with an enthusiasm to continue to be involved in sport in secondary school.

We aim to provide a PE curriculum that children from Foundation to Year 6 enjoy. Through enjoyment of PE, children will be able to develop their health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Children will experience two hours of high quality PE teaching each week. Staff will be supported by the Power of PE scheme of work as well as high quality sports coaching. Our curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and allows children to develop their skills in a range of traditional sports. The curriculum is a spiral curriculum which enables children to build on their skills as they progress through the school.  

Children are given opportunities to excel in competitive sport through our links with Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership. We offer a range of extra curricular activities which all children are encouraged to attend. We use our Activity Tracker to record involvement in extracurricular activities, competitions, and events. Not only do we encourage participation in competitive sports for those who excel at PE but we also attend events for SEND children and Change 4 Life events aimed at inactive children. 

Bronze Ambassadors work hard to organise a range of activities at lunchtimes.

Our annual ‘Wellbeing Week’ aims to give the children the tools they need to keep physically and mentally well. Along with a traditional sports day, children take part in a range of sports and physical activities, health and wellbeing activities, learn about healthy eating, and personal safety.