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Chaddlewood Primary School

Chaddlewood Primary School


What is the intent of our curriculum?

The intent of the Chaddlewood curriculum is based on several aspects:

  • Support, embed and realise the vision and values of the school - 

Mistakes are learning opportunities

Celebrate our differences

Intelligence is changeable not fixed.

Education is a team effort and we are on this journey together.

Care for our community and the world around us

Each child is valued for who they are.


  • To develop lifelong learners who love learning.

  • To engage, inspire and enthuse children to learn and to develop life and citizenship skills.

  • To meet the unique needs of a Chaddlewood Child therefore we have taken into consideration our children’s interests and our unique community.

  • To ensure that it enables the children to learn in the most effective way and to support them to have a deep and lasting understanding of a knowledge and skills rich curriculum.

  • To deliver an ambitious curriculum where the National Curriculum (NC) is seen as a baseline starting point.