Welcome to FilmClub!
Want to join? Unfortunately this club is now full but please keep checking back just in case!
Our upcoming screenings are...
- Attached at the bottom of this page for you to download.
- Announced each week on our official FilmClub page! Simply sign in on the website by using your unique username and password.
Your username is made up of 'fc' then 'your first name' followed by 'the first initial of your surname'.
For example, Alan Smith's username would be fcalans
Your password is school.
Please note that we offer a wide range of delicious snacks for during each film, which typically cost just 20p! This term the children will be enjoying popcorn, waffles, toast, rice cakes, raisins and other yummy treats!
If you have any difficulties, then please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jensen at
We look forward to seeing you soon!